Stocking Your First Kitchen

modern kitchenYou are just moving into your own place and love to cook. You may be an individual embarking on a new career, a student, or a newlywed. The equipment and supplies at local department stores look so generic to you, and you want things that profess your love for gourmet foods and baking. Many individuals do not realize that most restaurant supply businesses are open to the general public and can supply them with the best kitchen equipment that can be found. You may already own a set of dishes and flatware, but the cooking basics are what is definitely lacking in your home. A good online store is, in which you are going all the necessary kitchen equipments.

Items that you may purchase to begin your new cooking adventure do depend on your level of skill, the space you have available, and your budget. You may only be in a position to purchase the basics, and these should include:

A well-rounded supply of various sizes of pots and pans will get an aspiring cook off to a great start. Consider one quart, two quart and three quart pots with lids and a Dutch oven and a stockpot, as well as several different sizes of frying and sauté pans.

Baking Supplies
Sheet pans, standard round and rectangular cake pans, assorted mixing bowls, a rolling pin, a set of measuring cups and spoons, and a pie tins are basics that you just cannot live without. Additional necessities may include cupcake tins, bread pans, and and angel food and bundt cake pans.

Trays and Serving Dishes
Whether or not you have frequent guests, it is always nice to have the appropriate trays and serving platters and bowls to display your creations. Choose those that match your dishes and flatware. Attractive trivets may also be necessary to prevent heat damage to your furniture.

cooking utensilsUtensils
There are a variety of utensils that will be needed to help you cook and serve your favorite dishes. This can include several sizes of tongs, spatulas, pie servers, whisks, ladles, a garlic press, kitchen shears, potato masher, vegetable peeler, corkscrews, and serving spoons, both slotted and without slots. A high quality set of knives is something you will not be able to do without. Look at quality instead of price when it comes to cutlery because these are items you will be using every single day that you cook or bake.